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Faggot or fag, in modern American, Canadian and Australian English usage, is a generally pejorative term for a gay or effeminate man. Its use has spread to varying extents elsewhere in the English-speaking world.

also refers to the word "fudge packer", "shit packer", "turd burgular", "ass dweller", etc...
by joec20022 April 17, 2007
I player on Madden 2006. He is a 415lb, 7'0" Middle Line backer with full muscle and strength. You will usualy see him tea bagging other players as he tackles them and injurs them.
Man, that guy looks like Goblin Soblin...he must take steroids.
by joec20022 April 24, 2007
Creampie, or internal cum shot, is a colloquial term in pornography to describe when a man ejaculates inside his partner's vagina. In pornography vaginal sex is generally followed by a facial or other visible ejaculation. This, coupled with the fact that the wearing of condoms for vaginal and anal intercourse is now commonplace in pornography -- whereas a creampie by its very nature cannot be accomplished while wearing a condom -- makes ejaculating in the vagina a novel situation which can be advertised to attract viewers.

An anal creampie (other terms: chocolate creampie, mudpie) is a variation where a man ejaculates in his partner's anus.

by joec20022 April 17, 2007
Black people or blacks is a racial, political, sociological or cultural classification of people. No people are literally black, but many people who have dark skin color are considered black. A variety of sociopolitical and biological factors are used to define categories of black people.

Some assert that only people of relatively recent African descent are black, while others argue that black may refer to individuals with dark skin color regardless of ethnic origin.

most black men have 15 inch cocks
jimmy pulls down his pants...
girlfriend: holy fuck! that looks like a cock from a black man
by joec20022 April 17, 2007