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In conversation, while asking a question, the asker also makes a suggestion; thus letting the person being asked know what a possible (and probably desirable) answer should be. Usually accompanied by a slight rising of the voice during the suggestion part of the question.

Developed in the mid 1980s in the Los Angeles area event production/catering industry. When asking a client about how he or she may want a job to be completed, we'd include a suggestion in the question.
Could you please suggask the client if the we can setup in the garage?

Make a suggasktion about how it should be done.

Examples of suggastions:
At a small catered affair - simple, direct form: "Mrs. Smith, would you like the buffet on the kitchen island?"

More aggressive form where the less desirable option is spoken first in a lower register, and the more desirable answer finishes the sentence in an upper register: "(lower register) Does Mr. Greenberg want us to serve guests as the actually enter the gate (upper register), or shall we wait until they've arrived to the grand lawn where there is more space to mingle?"
by jmmPDX November 09, 2009

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