21 definition by jess hanch & nikkii rodrigues

BEST GAME EVER. if you do not want to do something like cleaning or getting off your lazy ass for cake then you touch your nose and say "nose goes" and the last person to do that, must be non lazy.
hanch: "i want cake...::touches nose:: nose goes!!!
alana: ::touches nose:: "nose goes!!!"
emily: ::touches nose:: "nose goes!!!"
nikkii: "damn it!" ::walks into kitchen, gets big cake::

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fuck this
if something is too difficult say “flip shit” and quit...
coach: "okay were going to do 6x400 butterfly for time"
everyone in pool: "FLIP-SHIT!" ::goes to bathroom/lockeroom::

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1.) cactus
2.) idea
Alana: "Sara is getting us something nontangible for Christmas.”
Hanch: “Woa that’s a big word for you Alana.”
Helen: “Hanch do you even know what non-tangible means?”
Hanch: “No but I bet Alana doesn’t either.”
Alana: “Yes I do, because tangible is something you can touch like hair, and non-tangible is something you cant touch.”
Hanch: “Ohhh she's getting us a cactus for Christmas?”
Helen: “No, stupid, its like a thought or an idea.”
Hanch: “So she's getting us an idea for Christmas?"
::totally confused::

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music making device
i wish i had a music making device (piano) so i can be like hanch and amylee

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when you lick your arm and the overpowering stench of chlorine burns your nostrils.
you can tell that jess hanch and nikkii rodrigues are swimmers because of the lick-and-sniff task.

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ahhh this one you don’t even wanna kno where THAT came from…but ill give the meaning anyway. It’s the only way for a straight girl to nail another girl. If youre having a 3some or even a 4some (if those exist but in todays society im sure they do) and while the “hot chick” so-to-speak is having fun doing her thing or w/e u nail her. But u be really sneaky about it. Therefore it doesn’t seem as though your not straight.

man+woman+hot chick={insert sneak-a-fuck here}

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