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Head given by girls named Hailey (Hailey I) that is heavenly.
Men: I want some head!
Hailey: Hailey's heavenly head is where it's at.
Sam: Oh wow.
Emma: Oh jesus christ!
by jeffbuckleygoesmeow June 29, 2023
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Slapped patio head is referring to head that is being given on a patio. It is in reference to the gayest Smiths song ever 'Reel Around The Fountain'. If someone wants to slap you on a patio, they are probably wanting to give you the best head ever.
Sam: 15 minutes with you..
Hailey: Oh, it looks like she wants some slapped patio head!
Emma: I don't blame her...
by jeffbuckleygoesmeow June 29, 2023
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In reference to The Smiths song 'Handsome Devil' that Emma says when she listens to it.
Emma: Mammary glands.
Sam: Put down your mammary gland hands.
Hailey: Ye
by jeffbuckleygoesmeow June 29, 2023
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Peom sex is an extremely complex and intricate version of sex. It is extremely emotional and brings two individuals together spiritually and mentally; it is as if they become one. Peom sex is a difficult concept for the average person to grasp and comprehend. Do not be surprised if your partner does not fully understand the lengths of peom sex, it is not for the average person.
Hailey: Woah! I just had peom sex.
Sam: No. You Did not.
Emma: Yeah. You do not fully understand it.
by jeffbuckleygoesmeow June 2, 2023
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