2 definition by jeff"nor-cals-finest-source-of-crap"taylor

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the news channel for rightwing gun toting xenophobic sexist anti love homophobic bible thumping cigar sucking beer swilling blue eyed honkey mother fuckers!

75%of the honkey motherfuckers in nor cal watch fox and dream about getting finger banged in the asshole by sean hannity and getting sucked off by ann coulter
fox news is great to watch when larry the cable guy is fisting your ass-hole!

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In an age where christianity and political correctness conflict there's a point where it all must come to and end.

Schiavo:goodbye,the end,may we meet again in another time....etc

as a lay dying here from a coathanger induced abortion is say "schiavo!" may i be a remebered as a tool for the wacky christians at large, god bless america!

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