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small enchanted beings, half worm, half human that can be seen only when you're drunk or baked and who fuck you up or mess with your things. they live in the forest, but can adapt to city life. they need idiots to survive.
jebele: dude your tires are slashed!
valentin: well... it must be the lepra! what can you do about it?!
jebele: i hate those lepras!
by jebele November 15, 2006
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a very common party drink which is usually drunk outside, next to the clubs with expensive drinks. it's made by mixing one third of votka with two thirds of whatever fruit juice you can find (for experts orange fanta). side-effects include having fun, doing crazy idiotic things with your idiot friends and the total transformation of your face. it must be handled with care and by people who have done it many times before. it's very appealing to the lepra.
jebele: dude i slept in the hallway last night! i couldn't open my door...
poparu: ha ha you were hammered man! you were fukin' poped!
jebele: i feel so sick... i'm never drinking again in my life!
poparu: yeah wright!
keke: how about a little pop (scandik) tonight?
jebele: dude! let's do it! let's get poped!
by jebele November 16, 2006
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