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Someone who makes unnecessary modifications to their import vehicle in order to look cooler and faster. They usually add things like aftermarket stickers of brands they have no parts for, neon lights, fog lights, lowered, front lips to make their car look lower, large mufflers, fake badges/emblems, and constantly refer to their car as "jdm".
Whenever i see a girl or kids i know i down shift my automatic transmission to make my car really loud. I always shift into neutral at red lights so i can roll back and forth so everyone thinks i have a stick. At the gas station i always pull my E brake, so when people look in they see my fake shift boot and know i have a stick. I open my hood when girls are around too look at things that i don't really understand. I buy most of my parts off ebay like fake racing seats, and wiper deletes. I occasionally poorly spray paint my cars front lip so everyone thinks i got new parts. I always make fun of other cars wheel gap, and i put fake honda emblems on my acura so that it is "JDM". I will race anyone, even if they don't know we are racing. Im a ricer.
by jdm12345678 October 16, 2012

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