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Australian term for soccer. Can be used in compassionate terms or as an insult.
Dude, you cant tackle in wogball, whats the god damn point?
by jbsmith June 09, 2006
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A turn of phrase used by staboosh i-talians implying that they have intentions to "stab youse". This term comes from years upon years of questionable childraising which therefore carries over to the inherant slackness of their colloquial dialects
omgoosh, iza staboosh iffa you nosa kissa meh

Oh my God, I will stab you if you dont kiss me
by jbsmith October 15, 2005
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An acronym for the term "Tits On Parade", used to describe a female's attire where the cleavage and/or breast is revealed and accentuated for all to see.
"Woah man, check out the skirt on that! And that shirt is over the T.O.P.!"

"Damn right that's some good T.O.P."
by jbsmith June 07, 2006
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