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Jemma , a femail name name not used on any girl only a stunning gril with a amazing figure and lots of hidden talent, amazing eyes and a bueatiful smile that can pul any guy thats worth her time. Genrally down to earth quiet girl at first but eventually her personality blossoms its a bubberley liveley fun girl that everyone is happy to be around , always trying to keep people happy and secretley trys her hardest in life to suceed and do what she wants to do in life. Jemmas also have a dark side , if she likes you she is a fun person to be around but can also flip , she dosent like rood or arrogent people or people that think there better then anyone elts. Ca come across rood but is genrally a kind loveing bueatiful girl thats perfect in almost any way
hey guys , look over there its jemma
by jazzybizzlecaughtasquizzle May 22, 2011

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