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northern new jersey slang term for marijuana (or smoking marijauna)

Other variations have been used with the german and korean language

Trizerkopf Trizersekki
Person 1: yo what u doin right now
Person 2: im trizering with some peeps wanna come?

kno where i can get some trizer?
by JayG June 21, 2006
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A very loving and caring person with a great personality and looks. He always thinks about others before himself, sometimes a little too much that Chris tends to forget about himself and his own feelings.

This person looks out for many girls but once this person has found "the one" he is committed and will stay true to her until the end.

Chris is the perfect dream guy - Guys want to be him, girls want to have him.
"Damn do you know that Chris guy?"

"Yeah man, how much I want him to be mine."
by jayg August 04, 2013
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