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jassiel is a beautiful name. She is very sexy, beautiful, clever, much better than others, and always tries to do the best. All love it. Ay many people jealous of her.You may have bad thing but she will always be the best of all the girls. It is very good in sex is better than others. She kisses it better than others. It is the best friend you can have in your life. She is a diamond. It is warmer than the Sun. It smells better than all the flowers that exist in the world. She is the best wife or girlfriend that you may have. All men want it but not going to ever admit. Other girls are ugly. It has a beautiful hair.

A girl prettier than anyone she knows. Every guy flocks to her, but she acts like no one likes her, when really every guy who ever met her falls in love. Ariana is like a diamond, the sun, dresses, and sunflowers. She is pretty and sweet smelling everything.

This is a real girl.
by javie November 20, 2013

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