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A unit of measurement, eg, "an area the size of Wales". Interchangeable with other units like the Rhode Island, the Greenland and the Texas. Most commonly used in news broadcasts and radio shows. 'The Wales' is not to be confused with the country Wales (part of the UK), with which it has nothing in common.
A lump of ice the size of Wales has broked off Antarctica.
by James William June 09, 2005

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Any group of rich young degenerates; people trying to be cool and failing. Capable of humour so bad it hurts. Arrogant self-loving US males too drunk and stupid to realise they look like jerks. Originally from the famous Frank Sinatra and friends. Any group of young adult US males wearing bad clothes and behaving wierdly.
Look at that fucking US brat pack.
by James William May 30, 2005

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Hugely over-rated and over-paid Brit actress. Lacks any ability whatever and is so wooden that she probably practises by chopping tree bark in a wood shop with Woody Guthrie. Her very best performance (in her first film - a sort of childhood fantasy set in New Zealand) was just average, and she has gone downhill ever since. Chiefly memorable for having earned US$60 million from Titanic. She had a cool contract because everybody thought the movie would be a flop. Since then she has pretended that she is just an ordinary english rose and an ordinary mother, as she bosses around various servants and buys rolls royces bulk.
Look at that bad excuse for an actress Kate Winslet in Titanic, even the chandeliers in the movie act better than she did.
by James William June 26, 2005

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