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A combination of Ugh, Eh, and Meh, 'egh' describes a state of apathy towards something that would normally draw your ire or disgust if you cared enough to care.
So, instead of:
"You despise me, don't you?"
"If I gave you any thought, I probably would"

You get:
"You despise me, don't you?"
by itsonlymike October 28, 2006
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(noun) Fictional product used to treat irritated vaginas.
CLERK: Can I help you?

LOUIE: Yeah. I need, uh, condoms, sexual lubricant, Vagitine, and blueberries.

CLERK: Lubricant, aisle seven; Vagitine, aisle three, next to the tampons; condoms behind the counter; and we ain't got no blueberries.

LOUIE: Thank you.
by itsonlymike August 02, 2011
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