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Any place where you are financially obligated to attend until you grow old an die. This place includes ignorant, self obsessed drama queens, who think they are entitled to a world of debt because they show up at random intervals to actually do their job and only call in "sick" half of the time. Sarcastic obnoxious know it alls that make it impossible for you to occupy the same place with are also present in this environment.

Compounding this excruciatingly unbearable atmosphere is the person who calls himself your "manager." Managers are easy to identify because they contribute absolutely nothing positive to the workplace environment and only exacerbate stressful situations, which are always in abundance there.

The single most obvious way to identify that you are at work is the omnipresent regret you experience there from not listening to your parents when they told you to apply yourself more in school, so that you might have a real career someday.
I want to eat rat poison because my manager called, and he needs me to come in on my day-off again to work...
by itsme1 June 07, 2012

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