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a person who's penis is of very small stature and almost concave really, similar to a chimpanzee's penis, which can reach up to a whopping 1.5" fully erect!
jeez stacy said bill got chimp dick, it's so small!
by islander time June 28, 2010

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the same as a dirty sanchez, except instead of solid feces, you use fresh diarrhea, causing a drippy wet affect on the upper lip, and possible turn off...
ay carumba amy said pablo gave her a wet sanchez and it dripped into her mouth, yuck!
by islander time June 23, 2010

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When you are very good at taking shit's and can do so in 1 minute or less and whipe in just seconds, that's skill. Could be hereditary.
Man rufus has got poopy chops! He just went to the bathroom a second ago!
by islander time June 21, 2010

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