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The followers of Alderman Helen Shiller in Chicago's 46th Ward. Shillerista is a combinaton of their leaders name and that of the El Salvodorean Communist guerrillas, the Sandinistas.

Shilleristas oppose all development that is not entirely low income subsidized housing and tend to picket new retail and housing developments in the ward that don't fit their worldview.

Shilleristas are by definition anti police and oppose the CAPS program in Chicago where citizens and the police work together to reduce crime.

The shilleristas picketed the renovation at the Wilson Avenue building because evil condo owners were buying there.

by IrishPirate1 November 25, 2006
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The quality of a graffiti "artists" work.

Taken from combining "penmanship" and the "cans" of spray paint the artists generally work with.

Coined in Chicago in the early part of this decade.
"The alderman gave Jaques an award for his amazing canmanship on the Graceland Cemetery wall."

The canmanship on the Weiss Hospital wall mural is outstanding.

Columbia College offered a scholarship to Kuumba Lynx because of the outstanding canmanship on the Uplift School.
by irishpirate1 January 21, 2007
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Informal name of alderman Helen Shiller in Chicago's 46th Ward. It is a combination of her name and the title of the late Chairman Mao of Chinese fame.

Shiller is famous for her socialist views and clear belief that central planning is best. As long as she is the central planner.
Chairman Hao dictated that two towers of low income housing be built even though thousands of people in the community were vocally opposed.

Chairman Hao dictated that enemies of the socialist peoples movement be exiled to Lincoln Park.
by irishpirate1 November 26, 2006
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