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a grunger is a person who dont wash their hair, has split ends, claims not to do so, but revolves 60% of their world around hating "townies" and 40% on "individuality" (apparently dressing like everyone else who listens to rock music is individuality) they slap on black make up around their eyes sometimes to compensate for their naturally black eyes from blowing bong hits in their iguanas face. listen to songs satanically, suicidally or basically constipated singer orientated and should all wake the hell up and realise individuality and not carin what anyone thinks aint supposed to be done by dressing like a zombie, but wearing what u REALLY want to wear and realising that not ALL people who listen to rap are scum and rap songs are just as meaningless as such metal hits as "rape me" and stab me with a hatpin".
guy #1:hey dude im like so unique look at me i dont give a sh*t my mum told me to wash my hair for the dirst time in months but im such a rebel i do what i want! hey check out those 50 other guys wearing the same clothes as me, damn im unique.
guy #2:hey look hes got an ipod and hes listening to rap music!
guy #1:scumbag! oi why aren't you listening to satanic songs u freak of nature!
guy #2: u sure told him
guy #1:sh*t hes coming this way play dead
by inkle February 08, 2005
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