1 definition by indigochild5

When a guy or girl is forced against their will to make out with one or the other usually occurring in the shoe store Payless. Being held by the head, or back so they can not pull away, while their mouth is being raped by the other persons tongue. It is most likely that this person has bad breath, and does not care about the scene they are making in the store. Being paylessed is usually remembered as horrifying and scarring for the rest of their lives.
Girl 1: So what happened yesterday? I heard he Paylessed you?

Girl 2: Well I was having a good time with him, but he Paylessed me! He kissed me nicely the first time, but went crazy afterwards. It was horrifying.

Example 2.

Girlfriend: *teasing boyfriend*
Boyfriend: Don't make me payless you !

Girlfriend: No! I am sorry !
by indigochild5 January 4, 2012