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What is Indiecore? Indiecore is a style based on 'scene' and 'indie' fused as one. They necessarily don’t have the stereotypical 'scene hair' but some of their style is based off of scene. Most Indiecore kids having piercing, Ex: Snakebites; but they do not conform to the regular trends that 'scene' kids find as ‘cool.’ They do however, have a similar fashion style as them but mixing it with indie. Typical Indiecore kids listen mostly to metal and indie. They would be consider as individualist, but have characteristics of being smart and shallow. Indiecore kids support the community like local bands & such. All-in-all, Indiecore is a new era of style originating from Arizona.
- isnt that person a scene kid!??!
- no. theyre hair isnt choppy.
- but they have piercings?!?& tightpants
- so?, they're too cool to
ruin their hair. theyre indiecore.
by indiecore March 08, 2008
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