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feministic is an adjective used to describe something as embodying the qualities, beliefs and characteristics of feminism.
wow, that women's march is so feministic!
by imthebestlolno December 16, 2018
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Person 1: That's why I quit my job
Person 2: ic
Person 1: What the frick does that mean?
Person 2: I see
by imthebestlolno December 28, 2018
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manitoba is a fake province, made by the canadian government to hide the secret village of manitobia. when someone steps in manitoba, they are really in saskatchewan despite thinking they are in the fake province. the reason no-one has spoken out about this is because the goverment has secret assassins that take out anyone who knows the truth. people who live in manitobia are actually brainwashed to believe they live there when in reality they reside in saskatchewan
Person A: "Hey, let's go to manitoba?"
Person B: "Where?"
by imthebestlolno July 9, 2020
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