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The direct translation for "Slobodan" is to be *free* or *cavalier*.

A Slobodan is a chivalrous man who is gentle and attentive to the needs of his woman. Slobodan is a one girl kind of guy who is wholeheartedly devoted to the one he has chosen to spend his life with. A Slobodan is GORGEOUS - a masculine man with gorgeous eyes and a spectacular, chiseled body.

A Slobodan is desired by a great many women as he is the perfect combination of gentleman aligned with his authoritative and protective nature.

Slobodan is intelligent, insightful, strong and proud with a powerful presence. Slobodan gets what he wants and he does not let it out of sight.

Slobodan's sole focus is on his girl. No one else in the world matters.

Slobodan makes one feel like a real woman.

Slobodan is genuinely the nicest person you'll ever meet.
Every girl dreams of marrying a "Slobodan" and every guy wishes he had his rockin bod
by imsomebody January 25, 2013

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