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seriously...APPEL? the simplest fruit you could spell in the dictionary and you spelt it wrong? what is wrong with you, you need to stop and think about your life decisions leading up to this. I mean...I had to write this for you yo show how fast and hurrying you are, you spell the simplest thing wrong...you should be ashamed of yourself

guy 1: who tf spelt apple like appel?
guy 2: its the idiot that's reading this
guy 1: reading what? what are you even talking about dave? this is why cindy left you!
by imnotfunny110 November 21, 2020

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some 10 year old who thinks that pointing their phone at their moms ipad will make them famous
person 1: what does your son do?
person 2: oh, he's a gatcha kid
person 1: I've heard that killing a child is legal now, can I visit your son?
by imnotfunny110 November 21, 2020

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