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music:hXc is not a type of fucking punk rock! hXc kicks punk rock's ass many times over! /// hXc consists of new skool heavy riffs, fast drumming including double bass pedals,and several different symbols including a china! the vocals are often done by two or more people..someytimes one will sing harmonics, and one will scream/aggressive vocals, and sometimes one person will do both (matt shadows=god)

dress: hXc ppl are stylish..lime emo kids! we may wear converse,macbeths,of some ol' skool vans! a hXc band tee, emo top,or just plain black! tee must not be mahusive and baggy,but just short enough to see studded belt with kool buckle, and not really baggy like grungey and metal lovers!

hXc bands may include avenged sevenfold (the daddies of harcdore)//the bled//bullet for my valentine//shape of my addiction//unearth//atreyu//johnny truant

gigs: hardcore gigs will be at small(ish) venues such as the mean fiddler, barfly, etc. will be very packed esp. at the front, and will have a pit behind the people at the front. the pit will be mostly beat down (a type of moshing if you like, where windmills and spin kicks are common..you must be good at beatdown to be in the pit, and be prepared to get the shit beaten out of you) (with beat down..the pit is quite big..with 3-5 people doing their thing at once!. mostly boys in the pit..due to severe violence..but girls are always welcome!

to all the chavs and ghetto kids that hate grungers...hardcore kids are not fucking grungers! grungers suck..they are gay..and they have no style what so ever! so fuck off!
not needed, because we are not so gay that we say..wow i'm hardcore man!


man that's hardcore!

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