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The letter passed from one hand to another to give the thoughts and feelings ignored of the suicidee's mind after there death. Most of these people a destitute, alone, or have chosen to give up, or rich and cannot take the pressure. They are selfish people. Someone is writing one right now at I type most likley.

Giving explination to why, how, when, and who made this person feel they had no other way to stop the voices in there head. Many ar bi-polar, sctzo, or just plane fed up with being dealt a shitty hand. Most of these people believe thier failures and do not belong in the world, group, plain they exist and better could come of ending the pain. Holding in secerates as well for others that do not care the course of what has become of the secerate holder
(on the cover of an envelope wrapped around the neck of the person)Please give this Suicide Note to whom it belongs This person needed to say goodbye!
by imgoin2hell October 27, 2009

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