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National Give Lundan your sisters number day, specifically those who are volleyball managers in Harmony Science Academy
“Mariam yo sister is hot. Hey it’s also September 10th, National Give Lundan her number day! ”

Jovany: Hey Mariam what’s your sister’s number
Your response should always be a “mf that’s for lundan
by imdefnotlundan September 6, 2021
A hot rebeca summer is a summer described for, my future wife rebeca, who doesn’t know that any summer with her fine ass in it is a hot one! Even though we still building that bridge tho lemme catch any one of y’all mfs using this phrase SHES MINE
“Wow, Rebeca is fine.” Oh sorry lmfao y’all wait had to point that out

“Them girls are looking fye, are they having a hot rebeca summer?”
by imdefnotlundan July 26, 2021