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Crappy little town that is located directly next to Vallejo. The cops there have no real crime to deal with, so they prey on people who commit minuscule offenses such as speeding (27mph in a 25mph zone) or assault (someone gets bitch slapped and calls the cops). They're all on a huge power trip. In this town, nearly everyone is white or white washed. Most people are filthy rich or spoiled. Homelessness is illegal, and cops truck the poor bastard over to Vallejo. Most residence are either ghetto-phobes or ghetto mongers.

If part of the first category, the Benicia resident is uptight and lives in fear and hatred of the ever looming Vallejo, and blaming every problem in Benicia on Vallejo. (note, this is complete bullshit)

If part of the second category, the Benicia resident wears what he/she thinks is ghetto and talks like what he/she thinks is ghetto. While doing this, the resident generally attempts to be threatening but just comes off as pitiful and slightly comical. Also, threats made by such a character will almost never be carried out unless the resident is surrounded by 10 or 11 of his/her friends. In reality, if anyone has even a mediocre background in ass kicking even a whole flock of these residents can easily be put down.

There are some people who reside in Benicia who are fun to chill with, but they are most likely baked.
ex. A)Cop 1: Any crime out on the streets of Benicia?

Cop 2: There was a fight at the middle school so i called


ex. B)Resident1: OMG! There's a guy from Vallejo walking on

the street! Call the cops!

ex.C)Resident2: Y0 guyzzz1 im so d0wn to be thugg1ng i am

way off of the chainzzzz!
by imamnotjono February 24, 2011

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