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to be so drunk that you do not no what is going on or what is happening. (fucking drunk)

fucking drunk = frunk!
Wow i was so frunk! last night i can't remember what happened.
Lets go party man! GET FRUNK!
by imApirate January 17, 2006

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"a small child with braids."
pronounced dray dee
look at that little dradey! hes so cute!
by imApirate July 18, 2006

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When you put one or two fingers on your nipple so that your boobies look like donuts! Adding chocolate body frosting would make a nice pair of chocolate donuts.
Me and Adrienne were makeing donuts infront of the mirror, we found it seductive and funny.
I tought Jordan and Charlotte how to make donuts.
Makeing dounts is a hobbey of mine and I finnd it intertaining and amuseing.
by imApirate January 22, 2006

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