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the coolest thing that ever walked the planet
Colleen is a gubbit. Erin is not.
by im not telling November 10, 2003

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the gekiest kid in the world that smells of a horrid essence
Erin is the biggest geek face there ever was
by im not telling November 10, 2003

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the stuff that people sometimes huff to get high... mostly Indians..
Hey... look at the Indian huffing gas.. he did NOT pay for that!
by im not telling October 28, 2003

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An all-girls school located in Morristown, New Jersey. It is run by smelly old nuns and is always compared with st. e's. Of course everyone is aware that the villa girls mascot was the knight a few years back, but the delb boys and shp boys started calling them the villa gorillas because they look like gorillas. (st. es girls are called st. easies because villa girls cant get boys even if they paid them so they think that st. e's girls are easy) They think they are too smart for st. es but the fact is, they made the gorilla their MASCOT. So now they smell, look, and are gorillas. St. E's beats villa ten out of ten times without cheating. Thats another thing, villa girls cheat in sports to win because they dont have the proper skill level to win farely.
St. Es Girl: Why are the villa girls called gorillas, i thought you liked them?

Delb boys: (laugh) pshhhhhhh they should in the zoo!!

Villa Walsh Academy (VWA) is a not a school, its a zoo.
by im not telling May 07, 2006

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