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New Jersey slang for doing something well. Similar to "the best."
Dude I just nailed that test so hard.

I just napped so hard.
by illtac October 14, 2005

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Abbreviation of New Jersey's Garden State Parkway, the main artery connecting North Jersey to the Jersey Shore. Engineered and contructed in the 1950's, it encompasses 172 exits over a course of 174 miles. There is a average of 3 tolls per county and toll rates range from 35 - 70 cents. Consistantly one of the safest and user-friendly roads in the nation. Highlights include Watch Hill and the PNC Bank Arts Center, Atlantic City, and the Brigantine Inlet. Invaluable to local teenagers.
Instead of wasting away on Route 18, I'm just gonna hop on the Parkway to go back home to New York.
by illtac October 16, 2005

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describing a bad blowjob.
Yeah she gives good handies butterhead sucks.
by illtac October 14, 2005

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