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On a PS2 (the fat model) there is an empty slot in the back meant to put in a hard drive and network adapter, this empty spot can be accessed by taking off the network adapter or cover on the back. This is a great place to hide stuff like your weed, cigarettes/cigars, cans of snuff, small flasks, money and electronic devices etc. It's a great hiding spot because nobody will think to look for anything strange in there(just make sure to close up the back after) and no one will suspect a thing!
Person 1:"I need to hide this herb somewhere for a bit!"
Person 2:"Put it in my PS2"
Person 1:"How the fuck would i do that?"
Person 2: -opens the back- "See?'
Person 2:"Yeah the good ol' PS2 expansion bay hiding spot trick!"
by illgamer97 March 30, 2013

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When a penis gets infected and the end of it looks like well a clump of rice, kinda crispy definitely gross and is almost unbelievable.
person 1: dude, do you have super crispy fried rice?
person 2: what's that?
person 1: some disease that makes the end of your dick look like fried rice
person 2: man thats digusting!
by illgamer97 July 17, 2012

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A city situated in central Saskatchewan crawling with loud sloppy drunken Indians, when driving down 22nd street watch out for them, they'll just dart across the road like when you play the game 'frogger'. best word of advice when you're downtown or on the westside carry a gun because those areas are CRAWLING with Indian gangs and shady thugs
Person 1: "wanna go for a drive through Saskatoon?"
Person 2: "okay, but if you must take 22nd street watch out for those shitfaced injuns"
by illgamer97 March 23, 2013

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