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Bros that have taken their shirt off and are dancing like idiots, completely rolled out on ecstasy. Frequently seen at concerts (especially jam band, techno, and electronica shows) and college parties, SSRB's generally kill the mood for any non-bros in the group.
"I had a great time at the concert, but there were way to many Sweaty Shirtless Rolling Bro's (SSRB's). Kinda lame."
by illegallydead April 18, 2010
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A.K.A. Nanarito, or Banana burrito.

An amazingly delicious, nutritious piece of food amazingness. Consists of a tortilla, peanut butter, a banana, and one or more other ingredients, which might include: jelly, nutella, granola, honey, or any other sandwich topping, all rolled into a roughly circular burrito-like shape. Provides great energy for outdoor activities, and has the power to cure the munchies.
"Dude, I need some energy for skiing today."
"Here, make a bananarito!"

"Shit, I got the munchies!" "Nanarito time!!!"
by illegallydead January 27, 2010
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Sorostitutes and frat boys. Slang used instead of the actual terms, as some douchebag would likely pick a fight over it. Few of them actually seem to know the phrase, making the random shouting of "TINA!!!!" to groups of sorostitutes that much more amusing.
"Dude let's find another party. There are way too many Tina's and Larry's here.

"um, who's Tina? Who are you yelling at?"
"Exactly, Tina."
by illegallydead April 18, 2010
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1) {Mega Bong} Any epicly-large, likely homemade, smoking device.

2) {Megabong} A huge bong made out of a gallon-sized pickle jar, garden hose, pipe, and a small flower pot as a bowl. Capable of single-handedly getting an entire party stoned to the bajesus. Also see Megabong Challenge.
"Lets make a mega bong today"

"Bust out Megabong, lets show these kids how it's done"
by illegallydead March 16, 2010
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