5 definitions by ilikechocolate10101

A miroku god with a miroku spirit and a miroku asian eye and yes
"Miroku Muroki... I summon thy!"
by ilikechocolate10101 October 3, 2019
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An awesome friend, crazy about cursive, and has hair as long & golden as rapunzel.
Guy one: "Hey, what where you doing beside Sophia yesterday?"
Guy two: "She was helping me with her cursive."

Guy one: "I heard that she's a killer when it comes to cursive."
Guy two: "I know, right?"
Guy Three: "Watcha talking about?"
Guy one: "Sophia..."
by ilikechocolate10101 February 22, 2018
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Something that comes out of your booty
Guy 1: "Something just came outta my booty"
Guy 2: "Lemme guess POOP"
Guy 1 "Yep genius"
by ilikechocolate10101 May 16, 2018
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