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when a woman, in a panic, proceeds to dump out her over sized purse and rummage through it looking for an object. such as keys, ID, or chap stick. could also be applied to a panicking man searching for something in his carry all
We were at the club the other night and my girlfriend could not find her ID. She held up the whole line while she was schukling for a nut.
by iinvisible October 28, 2010

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PRONOUNCED: RAY-JAH-VIEW. (noun) Just the run of the mill events that occur on a daily basis in Racine, Wisconsin. Racine, known to either be the Hamptons or the Compton of the midwest. News that seems to resemble that of a nightmare, making you feel as if you had experienced the event in another life, or the day before.
"Hey yo, did you jus see that tumble-weave blow down the street?"

"No man, i was distracted by that lady throwing that body size garbage bag into that dumpster over there."

"Ray ja man, Ray ja vu.........."
by iinvisible May 01, 2012

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