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When someone takes a dump, preferably incredibly sloppy, into a funnel (a funnel similar to the funnel used for chugging alcohol). While the partner chugs the whole thing up in one big gulp.
Dan: Hey Peter. Wright would you bring that luscious booty over this way, i feel like a 'mudfall funnel'.
Peter: Sure thing Daniel. Aston open up your mouth wide. I've been eating chili.
Dan: And don't worry, i'll clean up afterwards with my mouth.
by ihatemimes August 23, 2007
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A game of precision and pleasure involving dildos, one player pulls down their dacks and the opposing player (or enjoyer) hurls the "dildo dart" aiming for a bullseye ie. right in the sphinc.
Peter got a bullseye, playing dildo darts, on Dan who loved it so much, his knees gave way and he finished off in his pants.
by ihatemimes May 29, 2007
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