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I live here and I hate everyone here. 45% of the town is made up of scene kids who think they're cool because they go to hot topic and think they can call people a trashy slut even though they are one, 45% of the town is guidos who're filthy rich, and 10% of the town are "uncool" because they don't go to the mall every weekend and beat kids up and deal drugs
Scene Kid on Facebook: Ugh everyone in manalapan is so fake and trashy, YOU WHORES! btw guyss hmu on fridday we're going to the mall to do lines of coke off each other's assesss gurlll!

Guidos: Yo bitch fight me nigga, meet me at the spray tan parlor at four pussyface

Regular kids: I hate this town
by ihatemanalapan February 28, 2011

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