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A Polish black-death metal band from Częstochowa. The band formed in 1997. Their music contains elements of old black-thrash mixed with blasphemous black metal and Slayer-like solos. The vocalist articulates his English pretty clearly for this kind of music. The drummer is renowned for his blastbeats at the speeds of an inhuman beast.

As of this 2010 writing, the line-up includes:
Herr Warcrimer — vocals

Zyklon — guitars

Triumphator — guitars

Godcrusher — bass

Stormblast — drums
P. Helmkamp of Angelcorpse recorded guest vocals on a song from Infernal War's second record: "Redesekration: The Gospel of Hatred and Apotheosis of Genocide"

Their music is glorifies death and destruction and all forms of violence. Their lyrics are primarily focused on blasphemy, brutality, the desecration of holy imagery, and genocide particularly against christianity.

The cover art for the Redesekration full length CD is a statue from the city of Nagasaki, home to Japan's largest christian population at the time. Almost the entire christian population of the city perished in the nuclear blast. The photo was included, as stated by the band in their liner notes, as "a homage... to the destructive and genocidal possibilities of atomic energy usage."
"I would say that 'jesus! fucking! christ! bastard son of the jewish whore! lord of the weak! blind and sick! I invert your fucking cross!' is a decent sample of Infernal War's lyrics,

although 'Behold the holy disciples! fucking lambs masturbating! upon the corpse of the jewish whore! choking with holy excrements!' is also representative of the whole body of their work."
by ignorethesefourwords January 15, 2010

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(Noun) One who is not a douchewhole; a person who has not attained a state of douchewholeness or its spiritual counterpart, doucheholiness; that is, the state of being merged or one with Almighty Douchegod, whose Wholly Doucheword and only begotten son, Douchechrist is prophecied to return from the Doucheheavens in a Douche-ocolypse of divine Douchejudgment. It says so right here in the pages of this Douchebook.
A: "Honey, where's the Douchebook? I need to say my doucheprayers."
B: "Mm, someone sounds guilty that he was a douchehalf, and didn't go to Douchemass last week."
A: "What a fine Douchechristian wife I married. Honey, I'm going to go around irrelevantly telling total strangers to 'have a doucheblessed day' all the time, just 'cause I feel so doucheblessed to be your douchehusband. Praise Douchegod!"
by ignorethesefourwords November 13, 2012

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