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Two (usually) people who were screwing around and either forgot the condom, or it broke.
My parents said I wasn't an accident, but a mistake
by ignoramus April 01, 2006

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An illegal state that the rest of the world tries to ignore. But due to the influx of jews into the USA who became powerful, the subsequent pity by common Americans for the holocaust, and the wacky of ideas Zionists: this state receives much US fiscal and military support (since they have us by the balls) against the Arab states who wish to recapture their stolen land.

The #1 reason why the USA has problems with Arab countries. Prior to the creation of Israel, the United States had excellent relations with the arab world.

Responsible for atrocities in Lebanon and Palestinian refuge camps.

Indirectly or directly responsible for many American deaths (e.g. Sept 11, USS Liberty).
Osama Bin Ladin and Saddam Hussein gained support by their opposition to the state of Israel.
by ignoramus April 01, 2006

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