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A shitty shithole of a shitty shell of a fucked up town in south central washington. This run down, cracked out, disease infested city is infamous for its high crime rate and S.T.D. ridden population. Many residents are racist rednecks and wabby mexicans. One upside to living in yakima is the high rate of teen pregnancy, which means our chicks are D.T.F.! Another, less appreciated, upside is the dank ass chronic that is easily smuggled in from seattle. This chronic is used to roll what yaki-maniacs call "megablunts" which are blunts containing 8 or more grams of marijuana.
nicknames: "crackima" "yaki-vegas" "yaki-crack" "shit springs of washington" and "northern mexico"
jane: "whats the best thing about Yakima?"
sue: "that dank ass mega chronic blunts those yaki-maniacs roll!"
by ifuckedyourmotherinyakimabitch January 09, 2012

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