3 definitions by ieatbees

Halloween but when everybody is dressed in anime.
I’m gonna be a JoJo character for Halloween!
you fucking halloweeb.
by ieatbees October 27, 2020
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The name “Dennis” is taken from “Dionysis” the Greek god of chaos and revelry. Meaning Denny’s, a place of pancakes and Canadians, is the domain of a chaos god.
“Which Denny’s?”
We’ll figure it out later.
“Is it the one on the 15th exit I’m banned from there.”
Then I guess I’ll see you in hell.
by ieatbees February 10, 2021
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glue but it flexes
Phil has sniffed to much Flex Glue and now all he can see is martians!
by ieatbees November 02, 2020
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