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Tracked out powder that is choppy and tough to ride. Sometimes it can be rained on and frozen over to create crusty chowder.
We were hoping to ride some powder but the weather turned and all that was up there was the chowder.
by iantmcg March 14, 2012
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To have chocked, to have had made it close but never having made it all the way, to have continually come up short, to have lost in an often comical way. In reference to the Chicago Cubs of the MLB. Past tense of cub.
"Man the Cubs really cubbed it last year."
"The Cubs have cubbed it for 100 years now."
by iantmcg August 04, 2009
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Butt Fucking Friends. BFF's are friends that routinely engage in anal sex with one another.
Me: "Have you seen Ted and Steve?"

other person: "They wanted some alone time they are BFF's"
by iantmcg December 19, 2011
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