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Another way to say me gusta in Spanish which means i like it. while FUSTA means I fucking like it.
Hot Bitch : Did you see Santiago he is so hot and he pounded me

Hot Girl: dam me fusta. i wish that was me :(
by iamnobody August 07, 2012
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A Fox but sometimes becomes a small cute puppy-like animal Depending on how much she hates the design at the time but beware as the look always seems to change regularly.

Very Emo, whiney attention whore who has nothing better to do other than whine about her skills on Computer graphics or Traditional media, Will only talk to people who she sees as "popular" and whines to them about how much she sucks so she can get Fan art from them so she can show off what she has. Very Selective about who she’s talks to on MSN or AIM, If you have no art skill to make something amazing for her then you are out of luck to get to know this person or in this case you are in luck.

Claims to be depressed, paranoid Schizophrenia and has Bi-polar disorder so she can get as much sympathy as she can to anyone who's willing to draw something for her.

Avoid ever getting on her bad side because you will instantly get stabbed in the back because its her biggest thrill since shes so shy and ashamed of the male Penis
Angelsnow: OMG I hate my art skills I suck so much, my life isn't worth living.......draw me giftart
by IamNobody June 06, 2006
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