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1. A malapropism comprised by combining the words refute (to prove wrong) and repudiate (to abandon)

2. To prove something is wrong by the act of abandoning it, rather than by any actual proof

Synonyms: overthrow, abandon, disregard, disparage, denigrate

Note: This word has been mistakenly defined as a combination of refuse and repudiate, but since those words are synonyms, that makes absolutely no sense.
1. In america, polygamy was refudiated long ago.

2. Atheists are attempting to refudiate God.

3. Censors routinely force the media to refudiate certain "curse" words.
by iamafigment August 17, 2010

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An exclamation used to describe excellence or awe at something sexually arousing.

The combination of
sweet: An intensive used to express satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, excellence, exaltation, approval, awe, or reverence.

and shwing:An exclamation used to describe sexual arousal in a male.
That chick is shweet!

Check it out, Jill lost her top in the pool...shweet!
by iamafigment February 27, 2009

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