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In this definition, both the PC user's and Mac User's points of view will be shown.

1. A Mac User is a person who uses a Mac computer (made by Apple, Inc.) Typically, this type of creature can be found in expensive coffee shops or a book store, wears scarves indoors, brags about his or her Mac to everyone within sight, and likes to talk about pointless subjects like literature, semantics or life with his/her fellow Mac User buddies.

2. A Mac user is a person who uses a Mac computer (made by Apple, Inc.) Typically, Mac users are very precocious and consider their computers to be a work of art, rather than fashion. They are so excited to have computers that don't require a constant battle against viruses that they have to tell everyone in the world how great it is. This is often mistaken for bragging. Mac Users are generally very cheery and have time to talk about and do whatever they please because they aren't spending time trying to repair or protect their computers.
PC User POV example: Look at that fag over there sipping his coffee, using his Mac, and pushing his Wayfarers up on his nose. He thinks he's the shit. Stupid Mac User!

Mac User POV example: Look at that clever being yonder! He's opted to spend more time enjoying life than fighting the minions of a virtual devil. Kudos!
by iReplacedmyPC June 29, 2010

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