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One (usually male) who is so inebriated that they have the appearance of an undead creature. They are often spotted stumbling through social gatherings/parties, mumbling incoherently and usually end up face down with the cup of vodka still in one hand. With males, these foul beasts are often overcome by an insatiable lust for pussy, so watch out ladies. Don't try reasoning with these fucking beasts, as they are beyond help at this point of intoxication.
(Steve) Man, Gabe was one dumb son of a bitch last night.

(Kevin) No, he was a vodka zombie, Gabe is a dumb son of a bitch when he's sober.

(Gabe) Fuck you both.
by iLOVEtwat May 22, 2010
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Flatulence released from the anal cavity, which is powerful enough to project fecal matter at dangerous velocity onto the flatulator's undergarments. A strong wet fart. Otherwise know as a shart, these noisy explosions tend to have a distinct "quack" sound when released past the sphincter.
(ex 1) Shit ran down my thigh as a result of a disastrous quack.

(ex 2) Tony accidentally quacked while trying to light his fart, in this situation a basic joke had become oh so dangerous.
by iLOVEtwat May 22, 2010
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