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One of the greatest video game characters in the existence of video games.
A new NiGHTS game is coming out for the Wii late this year.
by iLLViLLAiN August 06, 2007

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An overrated game that shouldn't at all be overrated. It's a run and gun type of game that is truely a disgrace to the other Resident Evil games. To newbies of the series it was great but to the people that played the games of the past and to those that were fans were truly dissapointed and left with the feeling that Capcom had sold out. I agree with those people.

Reasons why I disliked it:

1. Enemies dropped ammo which removed the point of surviving when things are straight up given to you.

2. Money(WTF)

3. Tough macho main character who was pretty much the sterotypical american male hero in any action film.

4. Was not scary not even on a large television with surround sound a dark basement at 5 o clock in the morning.
Get ready for the ultimate spoonfeeding experience yet. Why worry about looking for ways to survive in Resident Evil 4 when we will automatically give them to you?
by iLLViLLAiN August 06, 2007

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