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Liberal is a person with liberal views. However, an EXTREME liberal is the WORST type of person. To start with they brainwash people. Then they convince you that their pre made views they hand to you are open minded. They tell you to hate Republicans and everyone who thinks differently than you. They are the first to throw around the word racist. Most extreme liberal abuse minorities. They look for a group typically blacks or hispanics, convince them they are nothing and need the liberals to survive, then exploit them for political power. Extreme liberals are usually igorant but claim everyone else is. They pretend to be looking out for the people but are only looking out for themselves. Some day people will realize this is the truth.
Now listen, I am only talking about EXTREME liberals. Liberals aren't great either but extreme are horrible Extreme republicans are just as bad. Extreme anything is bad. The moral of the story folks, stay middle of the road, don't completely trust any political group because hey, once you get far enough up in the line there is no difference in the groups they are all selfish and corrupt. Keep an open mind. Think for yourself. Don't believe everything you are told. Have fun. And pay attention to the details here before you flip on me.
by i speak truth August 24, 2006

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the true deffinition is believing that one race is superior to all other. Hatred without reason of another race. ETC.
SADLY today that has changed.
In todays world this is what makes you racist:
Mentioning race in any way
Not being totally politically correct
Supporting your race
Being white
Telling a racist joke
Judging by hair color
Disliking something someone likes
As you can see this word is grossly over-used and mis-used. It's truly pathetic. I pity the world. The truth is racism is ignorance and is bad. But not everything is racism and not everything has to be about race. Hope you learned something!
Real example of racist
racist: (insert race here) is better than every other race. I think that (insert different race) people are disgusting and horrible and should die.

Idiot's example of racist:
person: I don't like blondes
idiot: OMG RACIST!

guy: I hate Green Day.

dude: My friend is black
idiot: OMG RACIST!

man: I'm white

woman: I'm proud of my race

stranger: So an (insert race) guy walks into a bar....
idiot: OMG RACIST!

by i speak truth August 24, 2006

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A brunette is someone with brown hair. Usually a girl. Being brunette does NOT make you ugly, annoying, dumb, jealous or whatever anyone makes up. Judging by most of these deffinitions, the blondes are insecure, attacking brunettes like that. But who really cares? Everyone who thinks one hair color is better is an idiot. Blondes started it, angry at the fact they are called dumb and hot(that one is not an insult people)they began calling brunettes ugly, dull, annoying, and totally horrible. Blondes began to make the outrageous claim in which they say "blondes have more fun" to which brunettes simply replied with "brunettes have more fun" sadly many people still think that blondes are hotter or better and brunettes basically get screwed in life. The truth is hair color dictates nothing about who you are or how you look. Blondes are NOT dumb or annoying or slutty or whatever. Brunettes are NOT annoying or jealous or dull or ugly. Basically, don't judge people by hair color.
person1: Hey, she has brown hair
person2: Yes, she's a brunette.
person1: Does they mean she is any less than a blonde?
person2: No.
person1: Does that mean blondes are less than her?
person2: No.
person1: So it just means she has brown hair?
person2: Yup.
person1: Oh.
by i speak truth August 24, 2006

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Something very rare today. A man who is respectful and considerate of those around him. Acts politely. Treats women with respect. Open doors for them, pulls out chairs, and is classy. What more guys should be. Because regardless of what your testosterone driven buddies tell you, treating people with respect and being polite doesn't make you a "fag" or "wimp" or whatever. It makes you a good person and will really benefit you in life.
When we went out, he opened doors for me, offered me his coat, and brought me flowers. He was such a gentleman.

Tom: Hello sir, it's nice to meet you.
Man: Same to you.
Other person: Tom is nice young gentleman
by i speak truth August 25, 2006

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A highly controversial issue. But must be done. People whine that those on death row have rights, well to get there you have to do something horrible. What about the victims? Didn't they have rights? A man rapes and murders 35 little girls and your telling me he doesn't deserve death? When it is proven he can not be reformed? That bull if you ask me. Today there is enough technology that the people on death row DESERVE it. The possibility of it being wrong is very slim. If you rape, molest, murder, a large number of people/children you should die. You took their lives so why should you keep yours? You didn't think about their rights or family or life why should anyone think about yours? Basically, if you are put on death row you deserve it. And if you have the balls to fight it sadly it's about 10 years before you get the needle so fight all you like.
The death penalty is necessary. I value human life, but if you can take another person's life in cold blood in a such a way that you are given the death penalty, then so be it. Case closed. It's a tough subject but this is where I stand and most rational compassionate people should (yes compassionate because you need to think about the victim's family and put yourself in their shoes) Sadly in America criminals have more rights than victims. What was ment to protect has only destroyed. And that's basically it.
by i speak truth August 24, 2006

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Another controversial issue. It's to terminate something. Usually a fetus. Or a computer program. But more on the fetus issue, people think it's disgusting and horrible. And I walk the line for abortion. Let's say a 13 year old girl is raped and is pregnant, should she have to keep that child? No. Therefore abortion is the (excuse the word) best option she has. But here is where it's blurry. I don't think abortion should be a way out. Let's say a 25 year old women with a steady job and casual boyfriend gets pregnant, but doesn't want the child. She just doesn't want kids. But here's the hitch, she's had an abortion 3 times before. Should she be able to get one? No. She's using it as a way out. Which is wrong. So how do you right the law to help those who need it and stop those who abuse it? Perhaps a limit. As sick as it sounds maybe you are only allowed 2 abortions or something. No I'm not taking this lightly as "oh so your allowed to kill an unborn child for no reason?" no I'm not saying that. I'm saying there needs to be a way to make it work. I don't know if that will ever be found, but I hope it does.
Guy: Damn computer problem, time to abort the program.

Abortion is a controversial issue.
by i speak truth August 24, 2006

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