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Nolan is a attention sucking,gay,and above all an idiot
Nolan always tries to get attention and if he doesn't he becomes annoying as heck!
Nolan tries to roast people but he utterly fails plus he also thinks he's handsome (unlike yours truly) and makes fun of people for no reason at all (what an A-hole) and above all when you try to punch him you can't really hurt him there because all of his belly fat (there is a shit ton of it) absorbs it so you can't hit his organs (plus he thinks that you lose your virginity when you have a date to a dance) and lastly he took 2 weeks off of school because his throat hurt a little.
Girl:here comes nolan! ewww!
Nolan:hey girl you want to watch The Office and Johnny English?
Girl:no those are really dumb plus you're gross!
Nolan:but they're good!
Girl:no means no wierdo!
by i love maffins March 26, 2019

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man my microwave is super fucking loud at night and i just want my Hot Pocket
by i love maffins October 23, 2019

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