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2 definitions by huka luka muka

the etymology of buff bomb is quite unique. Developed by a high school english teacher, this phrase has become remarkably popular in the last year. A buff bomb is noted by his or her erudite language, sexy bod, variation in sentence beginnings, and use of parallel structure. While speaking with a buff bomb it is imperative that you always consider "what are they saying?" and "why is it important?" This is the key to success; this is the path to greatness.
I am a buff bomb.
You are a buff bomb.
Ms. Averill is NOT a buff bomb.
by huka luka muka February 2, 2007
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another retarded trend for the poser scenesters
jennie: do you think my big sunglasses are hot sex?
not a scene fag: no youre gay, only sex is sex and they make you look like a fly,stupid trendwhore
by huka luka muka July 21, 2005
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