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1) when a girl is being a real wench
2) when a guy is being a real puss
1) "I came home last night and tried to put it in the poop shoot, but my lady was being a real Bunt Faced Cooter"

2) "Yo, bro, you want another frosty bronson?"
"No, I'm ok with just this one"
"Stop being such a Bunt Faced Cooter and slam another coldie"
by Hugsnotdrugs June 14, 2007

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1) an Abby; informally referred to as "Abbywabby" or "Abigal"
2) anything resembling an Abby
3) a state of Abbiness


1) having the characteristics of an Abby
2) characterized by or indicative of Abbiness
3) displaying an Abbish behavior
That puppy is adorbs! Oh em gee! What a nugget! #SoAbby

"$1500 for that Ferragamo purse?!? STRUGS! Why is it SO adorbs?" "Get it, it's super Abbish. Abby would wear that" "#sold"
by hugsnotdrugs November 26, 2013

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