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Skinny Shamus are woman who are pround to be what they are and never let anyone get them down. They're fierce and loyal and will back you up on any mater. Skinny Shamus are very happy people who dont usualy snap at people. There is one precaution when dealing with Skinny Shamus, when they feel that their food is under attack of potential stealing or danger of sharring they will lash out. Skinny Shamus can usually be found in the company of Free Willies.
Jason:"I really like Kelsey and everything but she goes crazy when you touch her food"
Brittany:"Sounds like you have a Skinny Shamu on your hands."
by hucu101 January 11, 2011
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The name given to a man or woman who frees alot of willies. This man/woman frees willies usually for a high fee or if lucky, no fee at all. These people are usualy either drug or alcohol addicts, and they will free around 100 to 700 willies in their life times.
Kelsey:"Man shes a slut!"
Alexandra:"whose a slut?"
Alexandra:"oh yeah, shes such a Free Willy."
by hucu101 January 11, 2011
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